Becoming the New Me

Hello Peeps who take time to read my blog!!

I welcome you back to my page with an update into my latest world. You probably have noticed that I haven’t been truly faithful to the blogging community by not being consistent with blog updates weekly or even monthly! The truth is this.. I have been SOO lazy. Well, It’s more that I have simply lost the complete motivation to write about my daily life and travels.


This was me ^^ Allll dayyyy everrrryy day. 

Flying Full time Internationally is a rewarding and fun career, but my GOODNESS it is so exhausting. I don’t know how these travel bloggers do it! Then again.. Perhaps they are resting for the 8-14hrs of travels on a plane rather than cooking meals, serving tea & entertaining babies for that entire time WITH minimal rest period in-between..I do applaud those who do work full-time and have that fiery energy to write in-between, make YouTube Videos & take amazing Instagram content. But I am just so damn TIRED.

Which then made me think.. WHY AM I SO TIRED?!

jennifer-burk-118076-2.jpgWhen your clothes don’t fit… you know something needs to change. 

Okay folks here it is.

My diet….. YES. All those late night Netflix, which included a side, no, more like a packet of Tim Tam’s have caused me this heartache. It wasn’t until I noticed that I have in fact gained 10KG! Within the last year.

Some might look at me and think “Pfft please, You saaa skinny and delicious you are the Tim Tam” && others ( MY MOTHER #blesshersoul) might be thinking ” Well Hunnie, I did notice you’re clothing aren’t fitting the same way lately”

Which brings me to my point of this post.

I have decided to cut back from double eating, late night binging & started exercising like the independent woman I am!!

I will also be taking Before and After photos of my Journey so that way I can feel better about myself throughout the pain and hurt of a Burpee and saying NO to a double choc brownie. Eventually I will show these photos to the scary world of the inter web once I start to feel empowered and confident.

If I am a little less active on social media, it’s probably because I am finally sleeping rather than scrolling, finally exercising rather than comparing, finally eating healthier rather than binging and overall finally focusing more time on the outside world.

xo Sarah

edu-lauton-71055.jpgChoose happiness. Choose life.


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