5 Things I Learnt about Bali

Welcome Flyers!

I know I haven’t written in a while but I have been so busy lately. Writing a blog post has been on my mind but I am usually distracted with my next travel adventure or by my beautiful fiancé arguing over dinner choices and just the usual daily life of an Aquarius.

I am feeling super relaxed after I just came back from Bali!! My friend and I decided last minute to book a 5 night adventure away to celebrate her 25th Birthday. We booked an entire villa to our selves, bought some pink balloons, put on our hats and off we went to Bali.

I thought I would share with you 5 things I have learnt while exploring the Bali world.

# I officially hate Mosquitos

Damn Mosquitos would not stop biting me!

Even though I am from Australia  I am fully aware of insects which usually don’t “bug” me. I literally lathered myself with Mosquito repellent to the point where I could slide down my stairs. It still did not stop the bites! We did have a private pool in our Villa which was covered with banana leaf plants so the sunshine didn’t really shine through. Maybe we got attacked more because of this? Maybe I am just really juicy to them or maybe we are not used to this new Environment.


# Be aware of your surroundings

We had a really safe encounter around Bali without any drama or hesitations. We got lucky with the fact that our AIR BNB host organised us a private driver! Shoutout goes to you Komang ❤ Which I can happily recommend you all to him if you ever want to visit Bali.

Overall, we had an awesome time away from home but I just want to make sure you are aware of your surroundings.

Ladies, don’t walk the streets at night and hold on to your hang bags, especially when you are riding a scooter. Don’t use an ATM machines, there have been reports of them having scanners inside. Withdraw all of your cash prior to your trip and lock it somewhere safe. If you are needing to convert your currency do not use the ones at the side of the road which state “currency stores!” They are known to rip you off. Make sure you go somewhere that is inside and has a glass door, go to a professional store not the side streets.


# Traffic is normal

Ahhh Bali Traffic.

Prepare for long sits and outrageous driving. Over in Bali they don’t really have the same standards of road rules. You might be on the road sharing it with 3 other cars and a million scooters! All criss crossing through each other without breaking. It was legit one of the scariest feelings when I first went to Bali a few years ago. They have gotten a little bit better now days but it is still a little chaos.

Sometimes they have ceremonies on which can delay traffic! We ended up walking from our driver because we were sitting still for 30mins and the shop was only around the corner. Just make sure if you do have a booking you allow yourself plenty of time for arrival, especially to the airport!! We never had that problem because we booked as we went.


# Book on AIR BNB and SAVE 

My Libra bestie and I spent hours looking on Hotel.com and couldn’t find anything we wanted that matched with our ideal accomodation plan. We decided to look on Air BNB which I am so glad that we did because not only did we find the perfect Villa which was all to ourselves but we saved so much more money with better value!

For following my blog I am giving you $50 off on your next Air BNB booking. Click the link below and start saving even more on your Holiday bookings! ❤



# Monkey Business

One of the many touristy places you will visit is the Ubud Monkey Forest. As cute as they may appear just remember they are wild animals and they will not hesitate into stealing  your water bottles, earrings, mobiles ( Oh no not my Instagram) and any other accessories you may have on you. I learnt that there are over 600 monkeys in this forest and each monkey belongs to their own gang, Which you will notice in different parts of the forrest the type of personalities each one has.

The Ubud Monkey Forrest will cost you $5 Aussie dollars for entry and $2 for a photo with a monkey. You don’t really need to pay for a photo if your lucky enough for  them to jump all over you but we only did because we wanted the baby Monkeys on us haha.


My Aquarian Tips!

  1. Make sure you purchase the best Mozzie repellent and spray that EVERYWHERE! Day & night, on your skin and even through cracks of your door. ( My poor friend got attacked the most at night.)
  2. Always go with someone and never walk alone. Use your common senses and don’t trust anyone.
  3. Make sure you wear a helmet if your on a scooter and your seatbelt if you’re in a car.
  4. You will find some beautiful Villas on Air Bnb with half the cost on any Hotel website. Make sure you research it properly and read what is included, we got free coconuts on arrival. #Winning.
  5. Bring hand sanitizer to the park and do not bring outside foods. Bring a bag that has a zip lock as these cheeky monkeys will just snatch your items.





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