28 Day Teatox with SkinnyMintTea <3

How would waking up in the morning and having something that will naturally give you a boost to start your day with? Or, each night before bed you can unwind with a night cleanse.For the last 28 days I have been sipping and enjoying my two new favorite herbal supplements. – Morning Boost & Night Cleanse by SkinnyMint.

Since I have been travelling on the road in New Zealand the Morning Boost has provided me enough energy to hike those beautiful snowy mountains. I have noticed a huge difference within bloating since being a flight attendant this is something I have struggled with.

Now just to clarify, this is not a diet or a meal replacement! I still ate a pretty healthy and standard diet whilst using their program.

So, what is it? Well lets have a look: SkinnyMint is created with all-natural ingredients where each ingredient is specially sourced and selected for its unique properties. These ingredients are then combined and formulated in a unique 2 Step Tea program.


Tell me, How do they taste? I hope you like ginger because the Night Cleanse leaves you with a fresh gingery taste which is actually very soothing. You can always try lemon in your tea if you do not like that taste.

The Morning boost is very yummy! It kind of reminds me of green tea, I do love a good green tea so I really enjoyed it. I found the taste left me feeling fresh and ready for the morning.


We want to know about results!? Using both the Morning Boost and Night cleanse It has helped with my constant hungry appetite to control those nasty habits. I was always a huge coffee drinker but always immediantly felt sluggish and out of energy after the first hour. Since I have started this teatox it has made a huge impact on my daily life and sleeping patterns. The night cleanse is calming and actually made me fall asleep naturally while the Morning boost really did what the packet displays – BOOSTED ME!


Overall the main key points that worked for me while trying their 28 Day Teatox are:

  • Reduced Bloating
  • Reduced appetite
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Digestion
  • Lost weight (Nothing drastic as that wasn’t my aim)

Okay, are you recommending this to me? YES! To those wondering. I would because I believe in their products and I throughly enjoyed my 28days. Try this for yourself and you will see & feel the difference.

With Love – Sarah



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