He asked, I said YES!

Wedding bells are dinging and birds are chirping, the day is a wondrous one…

Ever since I hit early adult hood I have always questioned what my reaction would be like if somebody were to propose to me. Now I know its cliché to say ” Ever since I was little I have always dreamt of the perfect wedding…” Wrong! When I was little I always desired to become a pokermon master. Weddings did not come into my future plan until after high school and life began moving real quickly.

I am only 24 and started to realise that this is the age where most of my high school friends are either getting married or having children. I was still on the journey of proving to match my socks daily. Until, I met my Tinderella.. Adam.


How we met ❤ 

Yes, its true!

Tinder is how we met. Oh How I wish I could have told you some epic love tale where he rescued me and my ten cats from a burning building or where we met in the local farmer’s markets where we both choose the same orange. But no, Tinder it was. I had just downloaded the app one drunken night in Japan, produced an awesome profile and began the swiping.. Two swipes later there it was. Adam had SUPER LIKED me!

I was intrigued and curious as to why this individual could have super liked me? Like for one, What the hell is a super like, two you must really like my selfie profile that took 50 goes before it was uploaded. I appreciate your like. Therefore, I swiped right! We matched !!

Now let me tell you something. Adam had no photos, only him and his camera in his face as if it was shooting towards me. His bio was really what impressed me as we had all the same hobbies and of course the super like. I almost did not swipe but something deep inside of me was like “Shut up Sarah this is one person you will swipe too.”

After chatting on Tinder for most of the night Adam had the balls to call me and speak to me over the phone!

Nervous Wreck I jumped up and brushed my teeth. Like why would I do that even though it was just a phone call.. Yet, I had to prepare myself somehow for this random who want to talk instead of typing. 3hrs Later we finally hang up the phone, I fade out to sleep while he jumped with joy knowing we had a date as soon as I was home.

A date. Oh no, please don’t be a weirdo, please don’t be a weirdo.

I landed in from Japan and decided well! I am just going to go on my date as I am. In my work uniform (besides I was so hungry) We decided to meet at this really cute cafe near the airport because it was closer for me to drive, aww bless. Sitting in Traffic I decided to fix up my makeup since I have just been on the plane for 8.5hrs.. And can you believe what happens!! He pulled up next to me!!! I get this buzz from my phone and its him, saying “Omg is that you next to me.?” Just like the movies I look up in shock still half way putting on my lip balm and see him with the biggest smile. The lights become green and off he goes..

Stunned! Embarrassed but most of all feeling super nervous since he was super CUTE! Not a weirdo, if a weirdo though he was a cute weirdo. So then the game plan changed.. We had 15mins of driving left and he was already off in his beast of a car while my little zoom zoom car drove slowly way behind. Or maybe that was because I was becoming extra nervous and needed more preparation.

Once I arrived at the cafe he was standing out the front with the biggest grin on his face, the first thing that grabbed my attention was his gorgeous bluey/green eyes.. Geez just like a young Leonardo from titanic..  Oh my heart melts. From here we have a beautiful breakfast together, well actually the food was disgusting, but being a good first dater I couldn’t lie so I finished it and told him it was a great choice. Later we both laugh as we both were on our best behaviour and he didn’t like the food either.

From here the love just fell naturally in place. We moved in pretty quickly afterwards and raise two little fur kittens Roary and Romany together.



The Proposal ❤

We decided to book a holiday to sunny NEW ZEALAND, Okay more like WINTERY New Zealand. If you don’t know already, Adam is a great photographer.. He is very shy about his work and hasn’t displayed his photos as I wish he would. So he organised this trip for both of us to connect, travel, take photos and do all those touristy stuff that couples do.

We both agreed to book a helicopter ride with Wanaka Helicopters, Link for more information you can click here: http://www.wanakahelicopters.co.nz


I was a nervous wreck! To think I was a flight attendant and that I would be fine with flying. But no, I was so anxious! Which made everyone in reception assume I must have obviously known so they were nervous for Adam haha. Sorry, but I was generally nervous for the ride.

We get into the Helicopter and it was one of the most sensational and exciting experience I have EVER had!! We land on the peak of the Pisa Range mountain.

Immediately I was sucked into deep snow, who knew! I was so busy laughing and sinking into more snow while Adam was setting up the camera on a tripod for photos.

I was so distracted by the beauty of the view, snow and mountain that I didn’t even see Adam behind me. He gives me the biggest cuddle and then tells me I don’t need gloves. I look at him with laughing confusion and tell him HELL NO! He then gives me this sweet grin and says ” No, you really should take them off for the photo.” then proceeds to removing them and shoves them in his back pants.

Adam starts to tell me all these really sweet things about us and I instantly knew in this moment he was very VERY nervous. I look at him with wide eyes while he holds my hands and I say “Adam, OMG where are you going with all of this.”

His smile grows larger and he bends down on the famous one knee stance. He looks up at me and reaches into his back pocket and pulls out the ring. OMG THE RING!

At first I laughed and in shock ask him if he is being serious. Literally after a couple of seconds tears start to fall out of nowhere and I say to him “YES! OF COURSE I WILL!”

He places my gorgeous ring on my left hand ( his lucky he got the right finger haha ) and we both kiss and cuddle with joy.

I look over and the whole proposal was captured on camera! Our Helicopter driver Dean looks over and gives Adam a thumbs up, Adam then returns the favour. He jumps with joy and fist pumps the air. He was honestly the coolest dude we have met along our travels – shout out to you Dean!

Well there you have it, I am happy to announce that I will become Mrs Sarah Kropp one day. I am still in shock and flying well above cloud 9. I wanted to blog about my experience so that I could forever look back at this day and always remember it as ours.





        AK + SR 






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