As a new blogger the journey of how I started was purely for inspiration and also a place for me to express my feelings into the world of the online web. Just like a choo choo train I continued to write about my travels with short stories about my everyday life as an Aquarian traveller. I am very humble to be apart of the blogging community and very proud to announce that I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.

What is this Award? 

It is an award to recognize online entrepreneurs for their quality of work and their dedication to their stories.

Versatile Blogger Recipients are determined through:

  • The Quality of writing
  • The uniqueness of the subjects covered
  • The ‘level of love’ displayed in the person(s) writing
  • The quality of the photographs


I was nominated by:

Earthly Maven was created by Chelsea Vesley who grew up in a small town in Illinois, USA. She has spent the past five years exploring and searching the world for unique and “bucket-list-worthy” destinations. Chelsea has embarked on numerous travels around the world and is very passionate about blogging while educating us about the beauty of life. She is a true inspiration and you will love her work!!

As a Thank you I will now like to Nominate two bloggers who I believe deserve this award!


Lee-ann is a free spirit, nature loving gal who is currently exploring New Zealand. She is a very positive and happy blogger. I find this blogger to be loving and caring towards planet earth and I simple adore her page.



An inspiring Travel writer/blogger who quit the everyday job and now lives the life that has always been dreamt of. If you are wanting to find direction or motivation in your life this is a MUST read blogger to follow.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 11.30.25 pm.png

7 Facts about Travelling like an Aquarius (ME)

  1. I am an irish twin – My sister and I were born in the same year. I was much more stubborn than her so I decided that January was a good choice where as she chilled a little longer and appeared in this world in December. We were suppose to be twins but this is another story and a long one.
  2. I left High School in grade 11 – I decided school wasn’t for me and I wont go into the bullying that happened.  I put myself through a beauty therapy degree for 2 years while working full time in a surf shop, tryng to find myself in this world. I graduated but never pursued it. I did learn to be more of a lady though.
  3. I entered Miss Universe – My mum actually applied on my behalf as she wanted me to build more confidence. I entered and was one of the top 24 contestant in Queensland. I did not make it further and ended up with a huge debt. It’s safe to say my hair spray and stiletto days are defiantly way over.
  4. I started making lingerie – After watching the movie Focus with will smith and goddess Margot Robbie I spent months researching and designing lingerie. To then discover that bra sizes were way to complicated and I ended up losing the passion. I did end up with heaps of cool underwear.
  5. Adam is my Tinderella- Yep. You heard right, I caved into the popular dating app one drunken Narita night. The next day I had swiped right for Adam’s profile who had “super liked” me. Excited and intrigued that someone had liked me enough for it to be super, I accepted. We moved in together 1 month after dating and Well.. the rest is history.
  6. Always lived in Queensland, Australia – However, I am an international flight attendant which makes up for the fact that I have never moved. Home will always be home for me and I love Australian coffee too much.
  7. I have an Obsession with Teeth – What I mean is, I love a white and clean smile. You will always find me carrying mints, toothpaste or anything teeth/mouth related. I can not make it any more obvious to someone if they have bad breath. I will provide you with a mint but in a loving way.




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