Montane Mansion – Hong Kong

And for a few moments, this spot was only mine…

As an Aquarian travelling I can become a little eccentric with my surroundings. I try to find the beauty in everything and will go out searching for new and different. Therefore, when I first saw images of the Montane Mansion I just had to put on my forever 21 hat and find this masterpiece.

Montane Mansion is a mass of buildings for residents to live in which is high towards the sky. Visiting this urban architecture population for the locals will have you feeling as if you are in the latest transformer movie.

Getting here is actually simple.


The best way is the catch the MTR station, you can either get off at Quarry Bay or Tai Koo Station. Don’t forget to purchase an octopus card at either a 7/eleven or in the station booth’s inside. You can also purchase a one way ticket or even just catch a cab.

We decided to get off at Tai Koo station as it was super easy to get to from there. When you get off at the choosen station and emerge yourself back into the open world make sure you start to follow King’s street.

The address to Montane mansion is: 1028, King’s Rd

Even if you decided to get off at Quarry Bay it really doesn’t matter. It will still be nice to walk around and find things along the way, it’s also a short walking distance. We  got off at Tai Koo because our time in Hong Kong is short lived since I am on a timer for work.



Once you discover the address the entrance will look like this:

Inside you will be able to enjoy the artistic built up residential block of apartments and start capturing the moment. You will notice that there will be different angles for different kind of shots, explore them all!!

Unfortunately, it was pouring down rain for us. We were still lucky enough to get a quick pic then bailed. Life is all about finding adventure everywhere and making sure that you don’t let anything stop you from enjoying it.

Rain, Hail or storm.. I will still enjoy my life.



If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, always happy to help.

Sarah x


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