Dragon’s Back – Hong Kong

24 hours in Hong Kong, So what do you do?

Let’s get a Libra, Aquarian and Capricorn all together for a hike through Dragon’s back. After an 8.5 hour flight, barely getting 5 hours sleep we all meet early in the morning for an adventure to find this incredible scenic hike. Keeping in mind that we are on the clock and only have 8hrs until we needed to be back on the bus to the airport.

After getting directions from a close friend we begin by heading towards the closest MTR station. Make sure you have an octopus card which is basically like a ‘Go card’ with credit on it for the journey.  You can purchase an Octopus card from any 7 Elevens and at any station. These are also great for buses which you will need to get to this hike. 

The station you want to get off at is Shau Kei Wan.. Not the one before it..

SYM with SIL for website_mobile phone

So after getting off at the one before it whislt aimlessly walking around asking every Chinese person if they knew where bus 9 departed from.. we eventually realised that we were at the wrong station. That is what happens when three excited zodiac hang out and take the lead together.

We get back onto the MTR and on towards our adventure we go again.

Make sure you take the A3 exit bus terminal and walk the furthermost left until you see bus 9. It will say on the bus – Shek Oh Road, which is where you will be heading to get to Dragon’s Back.  Sitting there waiting I ask my Libra friend if she could braid my hair in the meantime which led to finishing it on the bus.

I felt so gangster that morning.

The bus ride usually takes about 20mins on a good day without the bumper to bumper.. or it should take you 20mins that is if you get off at the right stop.. My advice, ask the bus driver but not ALL of them will listen to you let alone even look at you.

*Insert squinty emoticon face here *

The drive was a beautiful coastal scenery view on one side with a gorgeous mountain of greeny on the other. The ride kept going up hill which then eventually starting taking us downhill..


We all started to wonder why we were going downhill towards a little town which literally looked like something from Mexico.. The place even had cactus plants everywhere. We all had to get off as it was the last stop and ended up on Shek O Road.. from here my bubbly Libra friend seeks out a bunch of british tourist to see where Dragon’s Back is, because let’s be honest, we were far from the hotel and locals ignored us in town anyway.

shek o road

We were told that you had to hike back up the hill just to get to Dragon’s back would at least take a few hours, which none of us were prepared to do. So we had to get on a mini bus which cost us each 7HKD only to be dropped off back to the top that we passed by and missed. This time your meant to yell at the driver to STOP!! Thankfully we had a british man who knew where we needed to get off at and did our dirty work for us.

Finally !! We reached our destination 1.5hours later since we departed from our lobby.


But first, we approached a Chinese family who was near by to take a photo of all three of us. This went on for a good 20mins of us three just taking photos of the coastal view across from the start of the entry to Dragon’s Back. C’mon were females…


Off we went hiking to the top to find Dragon’s Back most scenic view…

The thing about Dragon’s back is there is actually a proper starting and ending point. However, if you are lost travellers with an independent nature then you can start where ever you feel the need too.. or can even at least get to…the pathway has many openings to get to the top from different points.

Below is the complete map of Dragons Back: It is called Dragon’s Back because… the name basically says it all. The pathway is meant to be shaped as a reminder to what a dragons back would be.


We were closer to the end of the trail so we figured we may as well make the most of it anyway. Let me tell you this.. it is still a freaking hectic hike upwards!!

The hike started with a nice flat pavement which then led to a cool bamboo pathway to then finally the stairs of death.


Once we reached the top after sweating our butts off! We came across an epic view.

I must add, in June it is freaking HOT! I suggest going really early in the morning. I also suggest packing a hat, sunscreen and water.. Do not pull a me and where a criss cross open back T-shirt. You will get a sun tattoo. 

Towards the top after you complete the death stairs you get a beautiful view of greeny. Some feel like George of the jungle and can conquer the world. I just felt like a sweaty pig.



This was my give up point. I wanted to turn around, hashtag that I did it and go find some food! However, Libra’s are a very determined sign with such high energy. So she basically kicked me and my Capricorn pal up the ass and encouraged us to keep hiking…

I am so glad that I didn’t give up because the view was spectacular !

We spent most of our time laughing and taking photos but when I did stop and take it all in I felt so grateful to have experienced this journey, also along with my two beautiful crew member.


If you have any questions and would like some more information, please feel free to contact me in the contact link.

You can follow my Travel Journey through my Instgram Account:  Instagram – click here

x Sarah





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