Doing Thailand in 2 days!

Have you ever thought to yourself … I wish I could travel somewhere, but there is so much planning involved.?

If you’re a worried person or possibly your zodiac sign keeps you second guessing with travelling, then maybe you need to find yourself a libra or Aquarian pal. So if you’re willing to pay for me and my libra friend to help with your travelling plans then please do so. As Air signs we naturally did what was best and that was to plan last-minute and not second guess.

Sipping on our tea and munching on cheese we both look up at each other and say ” So, we should probably start planning our vacation soon.” This was two days prior before we had to be packed and ready for our flight. It is funny how you can get a lot done in a short amount of time. I had booked the Elephant orphanage (which you can read all about in my other blog post) Booked an Air BnB Condo and booked our floating market tour. The rest we winged our way through… like literally my friend stayed for an extra week and travelled south without a plan.

Here are some tips on planning a short Thailand getaway and how to overcome those fears.

# Just Book… 

I recommend booking through Air BNB as you can book last-minute and it is so cheap! We stayed at a beautiful condo with a magnificent view for 2 guests at such a low price. In Thailand you can get some pretty incredible places by booking through Air BnB and the communication is really good. If you are feeling a little skeptical, then read all the positive reviews that other guest provide on that profile.

You can also contact me if you would like to stay at the place that we stayed at with the incredible city view.

By clicking on my AirBnB Link below you will get $50 off your first adventure 🙂


# Just Go…

That’s just it. Just go!

Once you have made your bookings which mainly are your flights & accommodations then the rest will fall into place. Us Airheads stayed in Bangkok for 2 nights so we had to do as much as WE liked to do in a short amount of time.

The first day we went to the Elephant Orphanages which you can read all about by clicking here:


The second day we went to the damnoen saduak floating market. The reason for this was because I like food and I wanted to feel like a floating princess with all the food options in Thailand while I cruise through life. It wasn’t exactly like that in fact, it was kind of smelly and a little dirty. However, the experience was still awesome and we made a friend.

I actually googled “Floating markets, Bangkok” the night before we left and clicked on a random website which is where I booked our tickets. At first when I booked it and payed  I wasn’t sure how legit the page was or if our driver would even turn up on the day. But sometimes you need to just go with the flow and stop worrying. In the end our driver turned up on time and we had everything covered as per the booking information. This included pick up and drop off at our condo in an air-conditions mini van, ticket entry into the floating market and a boat tour ride to the actual market. It also included an elephant trekking park adventure which we did not know about but did NOT go and do! :/

If you would like to do the same tour or want to check out what else they have on offer you can click on this link below:


# Just Stop Worrying.. 

Which leads me to my last and final point. Stop worrying!

I won’t lie, the amount of times I started to panic and had to have my Libra friend tell me that I will get wrinkles if I do, kept me in check.

If you live your life constantly worrying it will take away todays peace and won’t take away tomorrow trouble. You just have to tell yourself “Don’t worry, I got this shit under control.” Even if you feel as if you have done absolutely nothing but watched Netflix and ate chocolate before preparations. (That includes writing this blog )

The more you worry the more it will cause you stress towards your vacation and it won’t be so enjoyable. I can honestly tell you that this was the BEST vacation I have ever had because we just went with it…

We met so many cool people along the way, we got lost and lost again. But you know what, this just helps us grow as individuals and human beings. Nobody is perfect and you will make errors and mistakes. As long as you have your flights booked and accommodation of some sort then let the rest fall into place.




One thought on “Doing Thailand in 2 days!

  1. I wanted to thank you for the like. I did Italy in 8 days and that was plain nuts. I’m glad Thailand worked out better for you. The pictures are gorgeous, especially the elephants!


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