The Snake Pit of changing

Hey Everyone!

So, we all have annoying habits that we hate to hate, but we must tackle them head on and change for the better, right? Here is a list of 3 things I want to change about myself in order to live a better lifestyle FOR ME. I have realized I am pretty shitty at doing the below so I will focus more time on changing these habits.. Which leads me to point One:

1# Focus more

I become distracted so easily!

I mean, since writing this post I have stopped on multiple times to make 3 x Teas, checked on my social media account (bad habit), laughed at a message my friend sent me about cat’s possibly flying and skipped through Spotify until I found a song I can practice karaoke too when I go to Narita next.

My point is, I get way too distracted all the time!

Focusing more on the things that are important will eliminate stress levels and will help you become a more confident king or Queen in your realm. When you start getting your shit together and start to concentrate on what needs to be done, like writing this blog, you will be able to move onto your next task.

Focus also means being in the present by taking heed to what your friends, family or that random person at the shopping mall who is trying to sell you something is saying!! Believe me, I got a free coffee  from stopping and focusing on what old mate had to tell me at the mall, in the end he had opened up a new cafe and was giving customers free coffee to try out. See – Focus.

This leads me over to my next point:

2# Be present

Frankly, I think we all fall into the trap of “overthinking” and “worrying” about all the what if’s and the I can’t. Being Present is truly enjoying the moment and looking around, be mindful of your surroundings!

I tend to get into the rut of wondering about my next step and what I would do. This usually will lead me into thinking “what if I did this, which will lead me here, then I become this, and eat this which takes me possibly down a snake pit?”



Be present and do what only you CAN do at that current time. Yes, I know, It is great to plan forward, however you must enjoy the time you do have which is the NOW.

The now is the only time we possess true power in and its time that I focus on the bees and butterflies and stop worrying what will happen on orange is the new black if I don’t finish watching it. When you are present, you tend to feel gratitude and happiness with life, you start to accept your surroundings.

This leads me to my last and final change:

3# Be Accepting

As an Aquarian I fall into this ” Move on, don’t look back challenge accepted!” kind of attitude.

This is a bad habit I do because I might think I have accepted what is, but in reality it’s far from that. It almost always bites me back in the butt when I haven’t accepted what is and pretend as if I have. Once you genuinely and fully accept who you are and how your life is, you will start to change. You will be able to then focus on the present and truly start loving your life as it is.

There is no time when it comes to healing, but once you begin accepting it will make life a lot easier for you. I can easily be detached and unemotional at times due to my sun sign which is a form of not accepting reality or not desiring to accept it just yet. You don’t need to understand everything, but know that sometimes it isn’t meant to be and just be accepting.

I am now focusing more time on my personal love triangle – Me, Myself and I. By accepting what is and being more in the present.

I want to hear about yourself and what things you wish to develop more on! It could even be from “Loving more to Eating less donuts.” Or! If you don’t have anything you want to change well..


So I encourage you to comment and share with me your own thoughts and what YOU want to change for the better.

xo Sarah


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