3 Reasons you should take an UBER!

Hi Flyers!

Recently I have been on this “Yes” journey! I took my first Uber into the City and I wanted to provide you with an insight on why you should all give Uber a chance!

#1 You can make friends!

My roomie and I caught a 20min uber from the CBD to North side. Along this Uber journey we encountered a rather dapper guy who was extremely humorous in manner. To our surprise after interviewing our potential uber candidate we finally asked what his star sign was. Like two stunned deers in head lights he announced to us that he was indeed an Aquarian! I had two initial thoughts, One being that I could maybe become an uber driver and secondly, this is the first time I encountered another Aquarian in a long time. We are rare species who are so unpredictable that when you meet us it almost like destiny or perhaps it is because we set ourselves in social environments to meet new people.

#2 Affordability

Being affordable and convenient this is a great way to get home but also think of it as a mini tour guide opportunity if you have not been to that place before. My uber experience was comfortable, enjoyable and exciting since I was able to ask my uber driver on what certain bars were a great place to seek! All of this while only paying a small fee so that way you can continue drinking your red wine on your nightly “budget.”

#3 You feel safer

You can see who is picking you up by their pre selected selfie photo and of course their celebrity star ratings! It is already booked for the route you need to get to and the cost is a set price. To become an Uber driver it has pretty strict rules and restrictions, therefore you won’t feel as if you will be picked up by some random person who just happens to be driving past your house.

I will be using Uber in Thailand and Sydney next month!

I would love to hear about your experiences of using Uber.

xo Sarah

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