Dating myself with 11 different personalities.

I absolutely do date myself!

As an Aquarian I have many different unique personalities & traits. Perhaps this is why it is easy for me to create friendship’s because of my adaptable nature. I suppose I have never truly thought about “dating myself.” Maybe it could be that I am afraid of understanding the real me? Maybe I don’t actually like coffee? I guess I have always been so fixated on dating in a relationship joined as one. Until I decided, screw it! I am going to date my 11 different personalities.

1- Miss charming.

Oh Lady! Haven’t you got yourself in some trouble for being unknowingly charming? When Miss Charming appears there is nothing stopping her from getting what she wants. If she wants a double shot of tequila for the price of one, oh she will charm her way into getting it. Sometimes though Miss Charming can appear when I do not want it  and it has led me into some awkward situations. One time I looked at someone and smiled, which instantly charmed them into thinking I wanted them? I was only smiling at a joke I heard earlier sir! Sorry for looking in your direction.

2- Miss Stubborn.

Ah Miss stubborn, aren’t you a delight. When she appears nothing, and I do mean nothing will make her budge. She is very set in her stubborn way and will not admit defeat until it benefits her in a way. Causing many arguments and winning over lots of ice-cream I find that this is a trait I dislike to like. Miss Stubborn can sometimes be interpreted as Miss Angry, but that is far from it. She is just too comfortable in what she wants to do. She always has this annoying thought that she isn’t “stubborn” just her way is always right.

3 – Miss Spontaneous.

Whoa! Calm down there energetic bunny. When Miss spontaneous shows up to the party that is because she booked a ticket from one hour ago just to prove to her friends that she was there. She will just do something for the thrill of it which can lead her into Miss Regretful. However, Miss spontaneous has taught me how to be a more confident human being and I have learnt so many unique things that I wouldn’t have done without her. I find the best experiences are usually the unplanned ones, I thank Miss Spontaneous for doing so. Just please tell work you already booked your ticket for Thailand.

4 –  Miss Sarcastic.

This is a date I go on quite frequently. Sometimes people don’t know if your being Miss Sarcastic or Miss Asshole. I know you can not help with your witty and extreme words because you find them hilarious… on the inside. I found that Miss Sarcastic has attracted some of my best friends. Maybe they understand her dry humour. You can not take the world seriously when around Miss Sarcastic.. maybe my mother was supposed to name me Sar-castic.. instead of Sarah. But nope, I was in fact named after a cheese cake ” Sarah Lee.”

5 – Miss Affectionate.

Awww. Sometimes. Actually, stop being so affectionate. When she appears you will be filled with so much love and joy that sometimes it can be overbearing. But Miss Affectionate has experienced many Mr Rejections which have sadly turned her into Miss “semi” Affectionate. Though within saying this, Once Miss Affectionate has found the right person and she deeply feels this way. They will be provided with many gifts of appreciation, though defiantly not in public. Don’t get me wrong, it takes a lot for Miss Affection to fully express her true potential, she has to get to know the other person on a more intellectual level first.

6 – Miss Unpredictable.

Sigh. You have caused me so many heart breaks and un eaten donuts. Why? Just because! You are so unpredictable that not even God himself knows what you will do next. Dating Miss Unpredictable is like getting on a plane without seeing the ticket or just like the weather. If your up for adventure and random fun times a head! I suppose you will just have to see for yourself. She is full of surprises and will keep you on your feet! Like literally she might want to race you, just because. Since life is unpredictable it is a perfect combination of the two and your whole world will be filled with random enjoyable experiences.

7 – Miss Positive.

Why are you so happy on such a cloudy day? Well, That is because Miss Positive always find the good in every situation. She is in fact my favourite (Don’t tell Miss Unpredictable) If you having a shitty time she will boost you up and show you the bright side to life. Actually Miss Positive is around most of the time, that is because she refuses to be nothing less. Miss Positive will help you lead a great life and will stop you from being afraid of small things. When Miss Positive, Miss Unpredictable and Miss Spontaneous join forces… well you create a blog for one. The rest is for later 😉

8 – My goodness why did I have to choose ELEVEN! – Miss Annoyed.

9- Miss Social.

Hey Girl! You sure know a lot of people (And I am not just talking about your Sims family.) Miss Social will have you laughing and enjoying life. She is one to blend in with the crowd. If you are a shy person and need confidence this is the Gal for you. She loves meeting new people and trying to understand their lives. She is so social that she wants to continue her story onto Social media. She is basically the reason I even have friends. Infact she is SO social that she is the one at an event talking to the cats in the corner. No she is not crazy she is just fascinated and amused by life.

10 – Miss Over thinker.

I have been arguing with Miss Over Thinker all night! Over this blog post as she has been on my case about it. Over thinking can kill the vibe but it can also help certain situations. Miss Over thinker usually appears when I am just about to go to sleep them BAM! she knocks on my freaking door and doesn’t leave until early mornings. She is more clingy then Miss Clingy.

11- Miss Caring.

Thanks to Miss Caring she has helped me with this blog post. That is because she truly cares about everything, the good and the bad. Miss Caring is the type of person who will be at your house in minutes if you needed her. She will give you her last lollipop and wouldn’t hesitate to pick you up at 3am for a cheese burger ( Yes Markas I am directing this at you.) She cares so much that sometimes she forgets to care for herself. Because she cares, she has created all of the other personalities to reach their full potential..

Well that was irritating to write. If your still with me then why? – Quoted Miss Bored.

I suppose in summary dating myself has been a wonderful learning experience and I can honestly say that there really was no point or direction towards writing this post. I do suggest though if I must argue with Miss Positive, is to take yourself out sometime and really make a list of all your great and bad qualities.

This will assure you of the person YOU are.

Happy Reading –Miss Happy. 

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