Street Art for the Open Minded

Quigley is the name!

UM… But what on earth is a Quigley? I am so glad you asked, well it is the squid in the darn picture that I took above.

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I asked my loyal readers if they knew what it could be. You’re most likely here as you have clicked on my blog to find out the truth. Okay I know your not stoopid and you clearly knew this was a squid! BUT you did click on my blog and I thank you for your eagerness .. and the Tea I selected was creme brulee (incase those wondering.)


If you are an artist, wanting to become an artist, needing inspiration or simply like random shit! Then you must visit these locations if you are ever in Brisbane, Queensland.

Casually while confidentially strutting through my new city life in Brisbane I took a swift turn to my right and got lost in an alleyway . My curious Aquarian nature I was immediately baffled by the unexplained hidden gems of Brisbane City’s street art! I wanted to share with you some groovy locations and why you must go and visit them right now! Yes get of your lazy ass and put down that packet of chips and get out there!

My 3 top recommendations

(well, There is only 3 because the food hunger started to creep in so time was of the essence)

  1. Winn Street

  2. Wickham Street

  3. Coniston Lane

When you take yourself into these nifty little alleyways you get a real sense of inspiration. Art isn’t for everyone but it is cool to visit and take Instagram photos or maybe just stand there pretending your also part of the wall. It is something different and fun to see & do in Brisbane! That is why the title states ” for the open-minded” for people who are willing to consider new ideas and experiences.

Check out a few of my pics below which hopefully will inspire you to visit and do the same 🙂 – If you have any reccomondations around the world please leave a comment as I would love to see!!!


This Guy looks like he could go a beer. ^^^^


Aw little birdy about to do a shit on this mans foot. Inspiring ^^^


Wait a second… that’s not art.. that’s a pidgon and I think a lid. ^^^


50 Shades of pink ^^^


Can somebody tell me what this says? ^^^


Oh! this is just portrait of future me telling  the now me to get some sleep ^^^

Well hopfully someone is inspired or at least laughed. That’s all I care about is bringing joy to the world and good vibrations.

xo Sarah


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