Two Airheads become one

As I sit here sulking at the Shingle Inn cafe. I now recognize that typing that long blog post earlier this morning than accidentally deleting it, just wasn’t meant to be.
Equally exciting as round two in Tokyo would have sounded I am actually going to express my feelings on a certain topic. This blog post is called “Two Airheads become one”
Can I just point out and say screw you to the shopping mall for playing an

Emotional, depressing song as I compose this blog. This isn’t helping my cupcake making decision for when I come home to indulge in guilt and pleasure later.

I find life fascinating how doors can come knocking and slamming at any moment in time. Without breaking into deep and sinful description I would like to point out that as an Aquarian, I am not easily taken in & understand when the path isn’t straight.
Hence, this blog is actually going to be focussed on the other airhead, my friend, Libra. They are honestly one of the most loyal signs I have encountered (I seem to attract a few of them in my lifespan) but one in particular will literally climb up to a balcony for you because you locked the key in the apartment. They totally kick ass. And I mean it, she will literally kick ass, even if she is a personal fitness coach.

When an Aquarius and Libra are together we will induce a hurricane and destroy those around us in order to bring back harmony and serenity. I admire the easy going attitude of my Libra friend while my Libra friend seems to be positively influenced by my witty and charming thoughts. Like using old crates to climb up to a balcony or organizing to book a random trip to Dubai simply because.

My friendship with libra is like a damn good bra!! It is a good fit, good lift and great support.
My world has been moved from one end of Brisbane to the other end, but having my sidekick near me (literally one step to her room now) it causes me more excitement than ever to achieve and focus on my passions
Passions for writing this blog and eating cupcakes. Yes! I will eat a damn good sprinkle cupcake without the discernment of a fire sign.
Tips on dealing with change-

* Find yourself, a friend who will kick ass

* Eat a cupcake, or two

* Move your shit out regardless of whatever it takes.. Even if you did lock yourself out of the apartment.

*You get organized and don’t hold back.

* Start saying yes to you! Don’t become a yes sign for them.

* The shingle Inn cafe actually makes amazing coffees and I might order another one since Iv been here for a while.

* Embrace the new door and enjoy this wild world we call life

My next adventure will be when I go to America for a week. Keep an eye on my blogs, Instagram and Facebook for the latest post and updates.
Peace out x


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