‘Tis the season to be blossom

Welcome Flyers!

As I currently sit in my cozy one bedroom apartment, I look back and smile at the last 24 hours and my time in Japan. I had this grand plan to visit Tokyo as much as possible with the little time I had. All of this was planned the night before I landed in Narita.. This is where the story begins.

I had it all mapped out in my curious Aquarian mind and being the unpredictable human I am, I decided to just ‘wing it’ by trying to do as much as possible in 24 hours before my call time back to work. I was fortune that my Capricorn friend lived in Japan, therefore I had back up guidance. The plan started by travelling into Shinjuku station where I would meet my friend. At first I was only planning on purchasing a one way train ticket because A. I didn’t want to spend money on a travel card and B. I honestly just didn’t want to spend the money on a card.

Let me tell you!!

It is defiantly worth purchasing a prepaid transportation card and spending that money. 

You will feel more like a local walking with the crowd rather than being that unprepared tourist who has to line up for a ticket at each station for a new one .. And you also get your name printed on the card which makes you feel important by being part of the train life. It is a lot easier, especially in those busy months in Japan and I’m so glad I spent the money.


Feeling fully prepared and energetic after having 3 coffee’s due to waking up at 5am I confidently walked into Keisei station and nearly got on the train that takes you back to the airport. Epic fail.

Luckily, most Japanese speak English, so I got directed to the correct train and there I headed towards Tokyo back on my merry way!

IMG_52211hr and 30mins later I was desperate to go to the toilet! ( Damn my caffeine addiction) but I was nervous to get off and get lost again. I also had a pretty comfortable seat with a great view and I was not giving that up. Distracting myself by admiring the outside view from country town to city life I nearly dozed off until someone taps me on the head and tugs at my hair. Shocked and confused I look up and there is a little old Japanese Bitty glaring at my golden hair with a smirk as if she had found the fountain of youth. She had been standing behind me as I sit for the last 30mins! So either she could not control her impulse to touch my hair any longer or she knew she was getting off at the next station and that was her prime time to get away with it.

A message to the woman wearing all purple who looked like they have just come from Willy wonker’s factor and holding your ten packet of dumplings. Please, the least you could have done was given me a head massage. Instead, you chose to caress my hair, smirk, then scurry away?

Finally 2hrs later I arrived at my destination. Now I have to connect to the free station Wi-Fi with limited connection due to the busy online traffic world and that is when I noticed my phone battery level had dropped from 98%-40% !! Damn it. After 20mins of connection failure I finally get a hot spot and managed to call my friend. Finding her was difficult because it was a Sunday morning, school holiday and she happen to have dark hair. I did find her after another 20 mins and we rushed off towards Harajuku for our Owl cafe experience. When I said  “Find Her” more like she found me.

We arrive into Harajuku where it’s full of many trendy shops, sexy underwear boutiques, fairy floss the size of your head and the Barbie doll photo booth machines. Having that overwhelming excited sensation I do what any normal traveler would do. We stand in the middle of the chaos and take a photo. Then we move on and find the owl cafe.


Feeling like I have just arrived into Hogwarts we go up 4 levels of stairs where we reach the Owl cafe & Bar Owl village. It was surprising to see how large & beautiful these birds IMG_5267actually were up close and not just in the movies. You pay for the full 60mins, but honestly your only there for 20mins at the most. You get to have a drink, some cake and then experience a close encounter with their owls. You do need to book in advance as reservation is a must! It gets really busy and it’s not a large room either. Once the gimmick runs off I started to feel really sad for the owls, but the staff are really great with them and they do look healthy and clean. Overall, it is an experience you must try if you’re ever in Tokyo.

BOB < Was the largest Owl. He weighed 1.8kg and is an Eurasian eagle owl.

After we said Goodbye to Bob and the other 7 owls we went across the road into Yoyogi park where my main mission here was to find the unique and rare cherry blossoms! The park was extremely popular which turned a 10min walk into a 30minute step at a time don’t lose each other side by side pace. Stepping in sequence with the crowd, it was fascinating to see why this park is very popular. They had magicians entertaining little ones, Harajuku girls dancing and strutting to the park beats, yoga and fitness classes, a woman walking her pet rabbit? Spicy free Pringle’s handed out on arrival, large blue picnic mats covering the park grounds with families and friends laughing and having a good time.

After being amused by my surroundings, I look up and finally!

I see the beauty of the flowers.


I completely understand what all the hype is about when you visit Japan for their Cherry blossoms. Yoyogi park had pink flowers, white and golden brown. Yes, it was totally worth the long epic train ride journey and my now 5% battery level. I can tick this off the bucket list and live a happy grateful life. Being a free spirit, energetic Aquarian I naturally wanted to run around and take a million pictures. My Capricorn friend, however was a little more reserved and cautious when it came to jumping over people’s picnic mats to get to the “photogenic” trees. I was eager and of course felt compelled by the blossoms and couldn’t help but adore them. I am sorry for jumping around like a maniac and potentially ruining your selfie photo. I only had a few more hours before I had to leave so I was making the most of my time.


Our last stop was to find FOOD!

After the adrenaline of my hypo manic photographing my stomach reminded me that I have not eaten since 5am and running purely on coffee power. As an Aquarian traveler one minute I can be very expressive & active then the next I can become unexplainably moody and uncaring. The explanation for this – I needed food. So being the ambitious Capricorn friend she was her mission was to find us food.

We travel to our next and final station Shibuya because I really wanted to visit the famous crossing. You can not come to Tokyo and not feel like you’re part of the movie ‘Lost in translation’ by crossing that intersection. I do what every normal person would do once the lights turn red. I run to the middle of the street and pose with the peace sign. Shibuya crossing is in fact one of the worlds busiest pedestrian crossing and I can now tell the story of how I walked in the midst of it all. IMG_5319

We find food in Shibuya and I noticed I am at 1% phone life. Needing to be back into Narita before 6pm which currently it was 3pm I decided to depart from my long-term friend and head back to my little country town. Surprisingly, I managed to get on the correct trains and make my journey back to my hotel. Exhausted and overjoyed I sit down amongst my fellow elderly Japanese residence and noticed the sign above that I am sitting in the “mature” only section of the train. Awkwardly and obviously I slowly make my way up and head towards the back of the train.. I just thought I was an old soul, but nope, just sat in the wrong section of the train.

I arrived just in time for a 30min snooze before I headed back to the airport (this time I really needed to go that direction.)

All in all this has been a fun 24 hours and a very long and annoying blog post. If you’re over reading this and survived this long, thank you!! I however have made a tea and ate a packet of Tim Tams. Fallen asleep and watched MKR before I finally sucked it up and finished this blog.

Happy Flying-

xo Sarah


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