It’s FLY o’clock!

Welcome Flyers,

As the title reads “It’s FLY o’clock” in fact, this is the story of my life. Well the story of my working life. I am a Flight Attendant and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! But firstly, I would like to express some things that I never knew would come with the job until now.

BLOATING! It will look for you, it will find you and you will bloat. Well, for me anyway! I actually wear two shoes to work. One set of shoes are for the ground and the other set is for the sky. Why? Because the sky God thought maybe I need to go up a size (as if I didn’t have big feet already).  So my flying shoes become handy when my feet start to swell into a beautiful hefty puffer fish. Actually, everything bloats and because it loves me so much it decides to stay for a day or so after the flight. No warning came with this job and its great if you want that Kim K BOOTY look, but now I just accept the bloat life.

I beg you! Please be kind to us as we serve you your herbal teas and help with your extra kg baggage that I seen you sneak in because the only baggage I get on board are the ones underneath my eyes.

If I ask your boyfriend to provide his airline ticket before boarding the aircraft, I assure you that I am defiantly not ‘hitting’ on him so calm your tough girlfriend act because I just want to put on my extra one size up cabin shoes and get this show on the road.

Safety Demo! This is my prime time. I either know if the flight will go smoothly or not as I have one chance to show my confidence, poise and knowledge. So I thank you for the 1% who is actually watching my performance with a grin so wide that it actually reassured me that maybe I can get into the theatre.. Or maybe you’re smirking at me because I am holding the Oxygen mask the wrong way.  Yeah, that actually did happen and I didn’t think anyone was watching until literally that one moment in time most of the passengers were looking and grinning. The worst part is they’re not laughing out loud and lets move on in the next 2 seconds kind of grin. It’s more of a ‘Ha’ I’ll remember your face later in the flight so I can save my witty remark them. I even had a little boy point it out so it made it more obvious. Dam! I had one chance to impress them.

Turbulence is my lullaby. I am so used to swaying and trying to walk down the aisle like I am in The Miss Universe Pageant in high stilettos trying not to trip and fall. Saved by my new big feet, it actually helps with the balancing. I feel as if pouring water without spilling it on someone should be classified as a talent! Turbulence is my friend and I do not fear it and I do sleep through it at rest time. Anything is better than sleeping next to my snoring LEO when I get home.

What is up with everyone wanting apple juice?!

Please PEE in the toilet.. Not on the toilet, not around the toilet and especially not on the floor! It still astounds me each time I check the loo that I find something new. And when I say find something “NEW” I mean it.

The Work / life balance is what I get questioned on the most and how do I manage it. Well.. I don’t! It will be hard and your loved ones won’t understand until they come fly with you. You just have to remain yourself when your home and make sure you provide them with your time, but they also need to understand when you need your own time. I’ll save this for another topic later..

I am not trying to sound ungrateful in fact, everyone has small annoyances when it comes to their profession, and yeah I consider this to be a professional workplace! Up in the air I am trained on how to deal with all sorts of situations from being a babysitter, Police officer, Paramedic, counselor, barrister, chief.. You get the point. This job has many wonderful perks and most people get into this industry due to its travelling lifestyle. That is great! But honestly the real reason I wanted this career was because of YOU! No, sit down Jeff not you. But the passengers.. The people who fly. Everyone is on their own path and flying is just for them to reach their destinations. I meet many kinds of different people from all walks of life and I love it! The stories that are told, the friends I  make and the memories I keep.

I’ll end it here for now.

If you have any questions  press the call button and I will attend your needs. Ha-ha!

Happy Flying.

xo Sarah


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