Lets Talk City Living

Moving to Brisbane City as an Aquarian my first Initial thoughts were ” Hell yeah! I am going to grab my headphones and play some badass songs and walk through this city like a boss .” Wanting to live my life like a movie came to an end when I realized that I left my headphones at my ‘use to be home city.’ But Hey! That’s okay because I didn’t need awesome music to walk through this city instead I put on my $15 K-mart runners, opened the front door and got lost within the first 10 minutes. My badass reputation ended that day.

It was hard at first adapting to the “bigger” City lifestyle as an Aquarian. I tried to fit in with my fellow LEO and live the deliver Roo lifestyle, however, it just made me fat and frustrated. All I wanted to do was reset back to my own personal bubble and live in a quiet place where I can express my weird and awkward self.

Until, I discovered Unique and quirky cafes!

Coffee – Coffee – Coffee! Maybe the caffeine ball of energy increased my confident level, maybe it was the new maybelline lipstick or maybe in time I was one with the city. I finally found my niche and now blend with the crowd instead of tripping through the crowd. Aquarians are individual’s who don’t follow the crowd and like to do their own thing which can make them fiercely independent. However, I am also very stubborn and was determined to make this city work for me. So now I embrace this City and accept the new and exciting.

As a Flight attendant I get to visit some amazing cities!    

Hong Kong – The city of the pork bun


Singapore – The city of cleanliness

Singapore city

New York – The city of big Pizza’s


Gold Coast – My use to be home city


Brisbane – My now Home City


Happy  Reading

xo Sarah


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