First blog post

Hi and Welcome my fellow explorers.

Finally, after many years of babbling to my friends and family, I have now decided to put my words, experience and thoughts into my very own personal blog. I write so that I can share things that I am passionate about and of course give you an insight of what it is like being an ‘Aquarius’.

What is an Aquarius?

You know when you read the horoscope section of a magazine, news article or a book! Yeah, I am that naked man holding a distinctive cup pouring water out of it. Let me just clarify a few things:

1: I am not naked as I write this nor am I a man.

2: No, I am not a water sign, in fact, I am actually an Air sign.

3: My blog is about travelling & experiencing destinations in my life journey and no I am not a fortune-teller (However! I wish I was so I know not to buy that damn lotto ticket again)

4: As an Aquarius, I am great at detaching from negativity so please, no judgments here.

5: My blog will explore other of my friendly close star signs and personalities.

So here you have a brief summary of what to expect from my blogs. I am passionate about star signs and learning about different human beings, Therefore I am writing something that is diverse from the typical travel/lifestyle blogger. As an Aquarian, I will try to be creative, witty, maybe likeable and not be awkward by living up to my Aquarian expectation of being the real and honest human self.

Happy future reading.

xo Sarah


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